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Design, Instagram post, Facebook cover, video editing, logo, brochure, flyer, banner, poster, YouTube thumbnail, desktop wallpaper.
easy learning method available for free

One of the best ways, super easy to learn designing from drag and drop, user friendly and super easy to design your own templates, and earn money online.

If you have zero or no knowledge about graphic designing, such as web designing, graphic design, etc.

Canva is the best place for you to start learning.

Sign up and create an account, surf through some free templates, you will have your own ideas.

Maybe this design could be better with this color or picture, then simply create one or two templates, they are plenty for free, create what you enjoy doing the most.

Sample Designs

Videos: Play around with available free templates, and create your own animated videos, and insert some images, and give some graphic awesome features, all you require is practice, and you will learn and enjoy.

Easy to design on Canva

Instagram: Demand for graphic designers is high, Many small businesses, And other Instagram users. Constant seek graphic designers,  businesses need professional assistance to beautify their Instagram stories and posts. 

If you are an Instagram user will have an Idea.

Presentations: Companies, small businesses, and start-ups. Provide you with project requirements, and in some cases all the material, and you have to do design and earn, as simple as that. 

Facebook: Ample opportunities on Facebook, Are you a FB user? If not no worries, it’s easy.

Design Facebook post, many businesses, and individuals are constantly searching how to beautify their Facebook Cover.

Want to become Pro, Learn on, Poster, Flyer, Logo, Animated Social Media, Instagram Story, Video Message, etc.

Easy, if you are eager to learn. Utilize as much free time available, and try to master the craft. After you learn to create templates, and design new ones.

The exciting part. But, How to earn money and sell your designs?

Simply click on the website, signup for a new account, simply click on ‘Become a Seller’ create an account fill in details and you are ready to go.


I recommend, after you start, initially keeping your service fee to a minimum, gradually you can hike your service fee, as you master your desired skills, and then keep changing and updating your display templates.


How to Start?

SignUp, learn from free templates, design your own and become pro

How to sell my service?

First, learn to make templates on canva, and then list your services on Fiverr

Who will pay me, canva or fiverr?

Clients will pay you, list your services on Fiverr platform, set your service price to minimal initially, and gradually increase as you master the craft.


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