How To shop and save money? Any Supermarket You Shop


Article #113, Do You Love to Shop at any mall, Why Not Get Paid While you Do Shop? Sound’s Interesting?

Good for small cities, perfect for big cities, Chicago, New York, And Los Angles.

Earn money online, Suitable for, Housewives, Freelancers, And Students. Get paid when you complete online surveys.

Next time, When you go grocery shopping, at your favorite store, to buy home essentials. Just add one more task to your shop list, and get paid to do surveys at your favorite store.

Not wrong to try maybe you are just like everybody, we all often like to do window shopping.

For the latest offers, visit Life Points, and learn more.

First, it’s easy. Each online survey takes about,10 to 15 minutes to accomplish, or maybe fewer minutes.

Example: how the XYZ product is on display, in the supermarket or mall. How it’s placed, on the shelves or racks.

Second, an honest survey, because “Honesty is the best policy” give your true and unbiased opinion, on the product you choose.

They are plenty of variety to choose from but choose what best suits your requirements.

Last but not least, As you accomplish the assigned survey, you earn some points. Life points will credit points directly into your account, and from your dashboard, You can choose redemption options, gift cards, or cash deposits to your PayPal account.

The exciting part, Life Points have bonus rewards, and special gifts, Smart TV, Phones and Tablets.

Signup, and get 10 points, instant credit to your account.


How to start?

Signup, verify your email and complete your profile. Survey reminders you will receive in your inbox, keep a check on your inbox.

Where to find and choose surveys?

Life Points member’s dashboard.

What kind of topics?

Start with, what’s your favorite car, apparel brand, current social developments, advertisements, a wide range of topics to choose from.


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