How to Find free Hotels? How to Travel The World For Free?

A#105, Any Holidays Season, Travel World Freely, If you Love Free Travel? Find A Destination, Free Stay, Free Food, Free Internet, Select A Great Exotic Destination, Learn About Countries And Their Cultures Staying With Locals.


Travel & Tourism. Travel is everybody’s passion, do you want to save money while you travel, free stay, free local tour, free WIFI, and free meals. I have found something interesting for savers, suits best for travelers, like, students, backpackers, solo travelers, and couples.

Don’t you think of, Exciting and modern thinking concept? Back in my days, we had no such concept as workaway. Walk-in as a stranger and leave as a friend.

When we travel to strange new places, we want to learn about people, local food & drinks, and their cultures. Workaway give you that kind of possibility.

Because, If you travel you have to pay and pay, pay hotels for your stay. If your intention is purely for travel and to learn cultures. Why not use this free food and accommodation with the volunteer work concept.

Workaway is a volunteer-based program for everybody. Volunteer for 5 hours, per day 5 days a week, and in return, you get free local food, free accommodation, free local tour, and free internet. Perfect if you want to learn about the local community, culture, language, local cuisine, and learn local history.


Workaway, offers free stays around the world. First, plan your travel, pick a destination, where you want to travel in that destination-specific place or area, all you have to do SignUp as workawayer.


Search your destination host. Check according to your requirements, what things are on offer? And what all things you require, clean place, meals, internet. Plenty of options to choose from. Read other workawayer reviews, and try to communicate, like what workawayer has to say about the select host?

I strongly recommend to communicate with the host prior to your arrival, ask brief questions about community, culture, accommodation, and food, other offerings in that specific community & country. It’s your basic right, inquire about everything before you travel.

Travel & Learn, find a language buddy, learn new a skill, earn badges, and generate a reference letter. Next trip when you travel, badges and reviews might be of great help, become the trusted workawayer.
Exciting Part: some hosts offer paid programs, make some extra money during your stay. Some hosts offer pick-up and drop-off to the airport.


How does it work?

SignUp and browse the site, you’ll have a rough idea, how to start.

Workaway is only for the USA?

Workaway hosts are from all over the world

Does the host provide internet?

Inquire with the host, before you make plans, most of them provide free internet

Does the host offer local language lessons?

Some hosts provide exchange programs, for example, you can teach English and in return, they offer you language lessons.

Does the host provide, Drinks and smoke for free?

No, it’s at your expense

Does the host provide a local tour?

Many of them do, always better to communicate before you travel.

Does the host take me shopping?

Shopping and buying essentials, your personal expenses you have to afford.

Does the host provide a referral letter?



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