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Working from Home, becoming a transcriber pays well, and this profession is in great demand.

Best in Online Jobs, No Experience required to Become Transcriber

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Are you good at listening to English? And have a good understanding of different English accents. Try maybe you will like it. And who knows, maybe you will enjoy being a transcriber. 

What I like most about this profession?

Because at the first, it requires no experience. But to make and earn as a profession, you need to become an expert. 

Because at the present, there is a growth in demand for transcribers. Mid-scale, Large-scale companies, and health care.

Various Industries, and organizations use transcription services, AI & Machine Learning, Consulting, Market Research, Educational, Medical, and research and development

As the proverb ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

It’s always better to gain some good experience, because you can earn well.

And as you master the craft gradually and turn into an expert transcriber. And then you can earn a super steady income.

Many companies pay well. And if you become a Professional transcriber, you can earn around $40 per audio hour, but as a Beginner, you can earn around $10-$20 per audio hour.

And If you choose transcription as your career. Try some courses online. And as always you can find it on YouTube for free.



How to Start?

Signup Transcribeme.

How to become Transcriber with no experience?

They are many tutorials available online, anybody can start with zero experience

How much do transcribers earn?

You can find out from the websites listed above, usually starts from $5 to $40 per audio hour

Is there a demand for transcription services?

Large organizations like Oracle, Salesforce, Facebook, Deloitte, Cisco, and Harvard University to name a few. Ample opportunities for the expert transcriber, there is genuine demand for transcribers and pay is excellent


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