How to become social Media Manager?

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Become A Social Media Manager  

If you like to spend time on social media, here are some tips for you to earn money.

Become social media manager for XYZ company, why most businesses fail on social media, simple and easy answer, can you guess? Because they are inactive on social media.

In simple terms, For example, there is a new vegetable store in your neighborhood, and the store is selling fresh vegetables, keeps premises clean, neat display of fruits and vegetable, remove expired or rotten items off the shelves, etc. Customers will be attracted and the store becomes successful. If the store is doing none of the above, clearly it will fail.

Daily Practice: In order to become successful on Social Media, there should be constant and prompt approach practice.

Businesses desire to grow on social media, in order to grow they need social media managers to develop consistency. 

Start from your locality, visit small businesses in your locality, pitch them to create social media accounts like ‘Facebook, Instagram’. If a business owner question’s you WHY? Answer with a brief explanation, to develop and get more business we need more exposure. Explain the benefits of social media, and then, offer to manage their social media accounts, explain how to keep the target audience engaged.

Social Media accounts should always be interactive and requires instant action on comments posted, being active and replying to messages promptly, can bring laurels and reputation to your business, keep updating your pages and posts, in order to keep track of all these SM accounts. Businesses need Social Media manager.

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How to start?

Initially give free services to family and friends, ask for a reference.

How to design Facebook Page?

Easy to learn on canva, no experience required.

Where can I sell my services?

Simply go to the website, signup for a new account, click on ‘Become a Seller’ create an account fill in details and you are ready to go.


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