How can I earn, rent my home? Hotels like concept.

Earn Money From Your Home. Not complete like Hotels, but similar.


A#125 How To Earn Money From Your Home, Start To Earn Money from your home, just doing little effort. Homely Hotels.

Have an extra space or spare room, make a plan to equip your garage and turn it into a bedroom, start making money, list your property at AirBnB.

Any part of the world AirBnB is available, Asia, Oceania, Europe, South America, Africa and North America. AirBnB app makes everything easy.


If you are living in a big city, best business idea for you, Just equip with necessities, nice bed, wifi, table and chair, clean and tidy bathroom, simple breakfast on the menu, make a spare key, take some photos of your listing space, and start earning in no time. Rest AirbnB will take care, listing your property getting customers, etc. AirBnB app will make your business easier.

Some families are making living out of it.

Thought about renting your space, but was reluctant before, why not list now.

Good Luck in renting your property.


A smarter, simpler guest experience

Stay relaxed with AirBnB. Below is the list of support offered by AirBnB.

$1M USD liability insurance

You’re protected – even in the rare event that a guest is hurt.

$1M USD damage protection

We cover damage by guests to your space and belongings, including valuables.

Pet damage protection

Not to worry: unexpected damage caused by four-legged guests is covered.

Deep cleaning protection

We compensate you for unexpected cleaning costs.

Income loss protection

Airbnb reimburses lost income if you cancel confirmed bookings due to damage.

14-day filing window

You now have 14 days to report damage – even if you’re booked back-to-back.

Quicker reimbursements

Hosts get faster reimbursements for guest damages (9 days on average).

Faster track for Superhosts

Superhosts get access to a dedicated support line with priority routing.

Real-time translation

You no longer need to tap a translate button to read content in your language.

Better translations

Improved translations for more than 99% of Airbnb listings, based on a third-party study.

62 ways to say ‘Welcome’

Every listing and review is instantly available in all the languages we support globally.

Improved search filters

More prominent accessibility filters make it easy to find stays for a diversity of needs.

Experiences accessibility

Features like ‘sign language’ or ‘no steps’ are now clearly displayed for Experiences.

Guest payments history

Guest transactions (refunds, receipts and more) are now easily accessible.

Countdown to check-in

A smarter, more intuitive tab now features a handy countdown to your arrival.

Inline check-in details

Your check-in info now appears along with your reservation details.

Experiences highlight reel

Get inspired by immersive Experiences videos near your upcoming destination.

New Experiences map icons

The map highlights Experiences tagged by type, such as food, outdoors and more.

Things to do, just for you

We suggest top Experiences for you based on who you’re with and where you’ll be.

Wishlist with friends

Your friends can now view your wishlists with a single click or tap, no sign-in needed.

Reimagined gift cards

Gift a getaway this year with more ways to find, buy and redeem Airbnb gift cards.

Gift cards go global

Send cheer with Airbnb gift cards, available in AU, CA, DE, FR, IT, SP and the UK.

Help Centre policy search

Looking for a specific policy? Find what you need with our single search tool.

Hosting made even easier

Ask a Superhost matching

We’ll pair you with a Superhost, based on your location, language and listing.

Hands-on listing help

Need a second eye on your listing? Get tips from a Superhost on what worked for them.

A world of Superhost help

Hi! ¡Hola! Bonjour! Connect with a Superhost in over 30 languages in 196 countries.

Getting started, made simpler

Welcome new guests in a single step using a simplified onboarding flow in the Today tab.

Today tab booking details

Quickly review and respond to new bookings without leaving the Today tab.

Today tab Host alerts

The Today tab now only shows Host alerts, not the guest alerts you get while travelling.

Today tab custom tips

Get personalized tips on uplevelling your listing, like adding the amenities guests loved.

Today tab for Pro Hosts

Pro tool users, rejoice! You can now use the Today tab even if you have multiple listings.

Wifi speed test tool

Hosts can conveniently test their listing’s wifi speed right within the Airbnb app.

Price preview for Hosts

Check the pricing of your listing as it appears to guests.

Short stay cleaning fees

Choose to offer a lower cleaning fee for one- and two-night stays.

Pet-fee option

Now you can choose to add a pet fee to your nightly price.

Refunds for Experiences

Choose to give guests a full refund if they cancel up to 24 hours in advance.

Improved feature guidance

Better guidance helps Hosts display their accessibility features more accurately.

Simplified video uploads

Want to create a video preview for your Experience? It’s now easier to upload clips.

Search Host inbox by text

No more endless scrolling: now it’s easy to find messages with simple text entries.

Improved photo uploader

The auto-arranger now works when you upload photos one by one.

New listing promo pricing

Promote your new listing with a special discount as part of the 10-step hosting flow.

Improved search ranking

Improved search ranking better showcases Hosts with great quality and value.

Luxe three-way messaging

The Luxe concierge can now include guests and Hosts in three-way messaging.

Desktop calendar refresh

The Host calendar on desktop has been cleaned up for at-a-glance clarity and ease of use.

Calendar preferences

Customise info displayed in the date cells to what’s most relevant to you (desktop only).

Price display improvements

Hosts can now check out their prices in the calendar year view (desktop only).

Expanded risk screening

Party reduction measures are here for Hosts in Portugal and the UK.

Streamlined resolutions

New claims management process enables simple and quick resolutions for Hosts.

More Neighborhood Support

Support line for neighbors of Hosts expanded to 12 languages in 29 countries.

Listing reactivations

Listings can be reactivated in City Portal after Hosts update their registrations.


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