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Art#786 Please be advised to read carefully.

I am no Santa, but I would like you to take a moment and read my gift article patiently and think from a wisdom perspective.

We wish you all happy holidays, no matter what holiday you celebrate we would like to wish you a great holiday filled with love and joy.

My advice has worked well with my friends and friend’s friends.

 If you are a beginner, small business owner or working professional. 

Success and failure are part of our lives.

If you plan accordingly your career path and add side hustle, make it like a desert with your meal. 

Nobody becomes rich overnight, except lottery winners, and it may happen in only stories or one in a million cases. 

Why lower middle class and upper middle class fall in the trap of crypto and stocks.

Is your money hard earned? 

Never put your hard earned money into trading. 

Bitter reality never invests in bitcoin BTH ETH or any other growing crypto, unstable and unreal, some countries have regularized, still we recommend do not dive into crypto trading.

Major institutions and brokers (target market is “poor and middle class”). Because the target market never understands the risk associated with it.

The focus of most financial institutions is to concentrate on the middle class or struggling class, because this group can easily get tempted with things they see on the internet and fancy and luxury materials around, and desire to achieve them in the short term, and they start looking for shortcuts.

Only strugglers feel left behind and dream to gain success in no time, nothing can be earned in a finger flick, only gamblers can and they play to only lose it all in the end.

Institutions only highlight success stories and marketing gimmicks.

And if you get in their trap and somehow earn, that will be only short lived.                                  

If you earn big on your initial investment, excitement makes you greedier to dive in further.

First fall in the trap, second you will encourage your family friends to do the same.

Thirdly you will borrow from banks, family and friends.

Nature says it all, big fish loves to eat small fish.

Invest in gaining new skills and career path, we are here to assist you in your journey, seoash goal to provide you side hustle income source information, explore our articles, and plenty of options to choose from.

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