Online Jobs, What does Facebook Ads Manager Do?


A#130, Steps to become, Facebook Ads Manager

Are you a Facebook user, then this post may interest you?

Let me guess, you are an expert on Facebook, why not start from earning from Facebook. Become an ads manager using the Facebook advertising platform. Online Job & work from home.

Many small business owners want to advertise online on Facebook, but they do not have the know-how.

You can start to form your locality, offer them your services by creating Facebook Cover, and Facebook posts. 

If you are a reluctant or shy type of person to approach business owners, use platforms like Fiverr, showcase your services.

Showcase your templates, give a simple presentation, set a decent price for your services, if they like, they will hire your services, instantly.

Learn how to design on Canva, and then sell on Fiverr.

In easy terms. For Example, There is a small tiny one-man operated restaurant in your neighborhood, owner and cook is the same person, Canva is like a kitchen, and Fiverr is like restaurant seating, the customer walks in looks into the menu items, and then customer order’s the meal, owner-run back to kitchen cook and then serve.

What are you waiting for, endless opportunities waiting for you?


I am not a graphic designer, How to start?

Super Easy, Create an account on and learn how to design the Facebook cover and Facebook posts for free. Create some attractive templates and start selling, right away.


Canva is free to use, user-friendly, super easy, use available free templates, customize and create your own templates.

Easy to learn ‘drag and drop’, create flyers, logos, ample varieties to choose from, and become skilled in no time.

Can I sell on

No, but you learn to create your own designs for free.

Where can I sell my services?, local business.

How much I can earn?

It depends, if you get hired by multiple clients, $1000 to $5000


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