Online Jobs, What is the best Business Idea? Buy & Sell

A# 134, Buy & Sell websites and mobile apps, better than Online Jobs



Little investment, possibility of good returns.

Do you know you can buy and sell websites and mobile apps? If you have some extra cash. Try to earn money buying and selling Apps and Websites, part-time or full-time business.

The business idea I’m going to advise might be very lucrative If you are smart enough.

Recommendation: Follow a strict rule, please invest little as $100, and if you gain profit from this business idea, then use only the earned profit amount by buying another app or website.

Once you bought an app or a website, try to do some marketing share it with your friends and family, maintain it for some weeks, and then, list it for sale.

For beginners, I would suggest, go with Flippa. For Example the below image VPN some countries have restrictions on certain websites, VPN unblocks websites, demanding among travelers. 

Below image cube blaster, ios app, monthly net profit $121/m, with an investment of $100 or more.

If you see, different language app or confused to buy, I suggest avoid buying such apps. But choice is completely yours. Please do some research before buying?

Do Research

One important rule always follow, keep in mind before you buy any app or website. Niche selection, choose from demanding niche, in the below image you could see Bite Pets, an E-commerce starter store, this could be profitable if you advertise the right way.

Another thing, Pick catchy website names and domains.


In this below example image, health and fitness-related can also be lucrative.

On Sale

Now in this image below, sold website KidSuperShop, sold for $230.

Net profit $262/m, what a great deal, excellent purchase.

If you want to make living out of it, initially flippa could be best, and then, after you gain experience and become pro. Take the next step.

Again I would like to remind you, do not jump and start buying expensive sites or apps, as I always say ‘slow and steady wins the race’, opportunities will always be there, just find the right time to embrace it.


How to start?

SignUp, create an account on, and as you browse you will learn more.

Fillpa commission and other fees?

Listing Fees:

Established Websites and Online Businesses $49, you are selling a website or online business that is trading and is generating revenue.


Starter/Template Websites $15, you are selling a site that is not currently generating revenue.


Domains $10, domain names that are undeveloped or parked.

iOS and Android Apps $15, you are selling an Established or Starter App for mobile or tablet.

Success Fees:

Up to $50k 10%, $50,001 to $100k 7.5%, $100k+ 5%, Partner Broker 15%

Which domain I should buy, .com, .org, .net?

.com is the most famous and easy to remember, I personally prefer .com

Wish you achieve your financial goal.


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